Hello and welcome to Stokes Valley's unofficial weather website. This site has been back up and running since mid March 2007, with a new custom built 1-Wire weather station in an effort to bring you more accurate and up-to-date weather information.

Update: 6-02-2008: I am pleased to announce that the Stokes Valley Weather Station (unofficial) is now fully operational and is back online. I have been able to source replacement anemometer bearing. The original bearings were affected by moisture, causing the bearing to rust, potentially affecting some low wind speed readings.
I have taken steps to hopefully prevent moisture from affecting the bearings in the future. As with anything exposed to the weather, periodic maintenance is required and the bearings were not a standard stock item and had to be ordered in.

For those regular visitors to this site, thank your for your patients.

Update: 27/5/2008: I am please to bring you SV Weather Live. This is feed is from the Weather Station to bring you almost realtime data. Please note there is about a 3-5 second delay between updates. You will also need Adobe Flash PLayer V8 or greater installed.

As I build this new website, please check back soon to see regular updates and changes to the layout.

On a slightly different note, I would like to thank Steve Ritchie and the team at DTS for hosting the Stokes Valley Weather website. It is much appreciated and I know they also support a number of other community initiatives which is great to see. Regards, Derek Chapman